World gravy championships 2018

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At Intro we like to push the boat out for our clients – the gravy boat, even.

So when we were wondering how to tell people about Comptons Gravy Salt we hit upon this idea: why not hold the first ever World Gravy Championships in Carlisle?

Comptons is on sale in supermarkarkets across the UK, but most people are unaware that it is made in Carlisle. So what better way to get that message across than teaming up with Carlisle College for this unique contest.

Eight catering students – most of them already working as chefs around Cumbria – competed in a MasterChef style competition to create the best gravy and an accompanying dish.

They certainly rose to the challenge and came up with the most amazing dishes including gravy crisps, an ice-cream and the winner Andreia Crisan made a fine dining dish featuring  loin of venison.

Janette Deyermond, director of Teasedales Confectionery which makes Comptons was one of the judges and was amazed with the creativity of the students.  “This event helped bring gravy salt into modern day thinking, bring it to younger people, rather than something that is just used for a Sunday roast.

“It is good to bring it to the attention of the younger generation, it shows what can be done with a bit of initiative.”

The event created quite a stir on social media and was picked up by the local news outlets with a two page spread in the News & Star and videos online. Carlisle College were also delighted to be involved and have used the World Gravy Championships as an example of collaborative marketing in presentations to conferences.

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