6 ways to increase your chances of getting publicity

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If you’re trying to raise your profile then a great story for your business is a good starting point. And writing an effective press release is even better.

But there are also some tricks of the trade that will help you increase your chances of featuring in the local media over a prolonged period.

Understand the publication you are hoping to feature in

Many people waste their time by trying to pitch ideas to journalists that are way off beam. Have a look in the paper or magazine and try to spot similar types of articles to your news and make sure you have the right circulation area.

Look at the regular features in the publication

Bouquet of the week, a day in the life, my unusual hobby, my big break, things to do in half term, trader of the week, people news – every publication has them and behind every one is a journalist looking for ways to fill the slot. Put yourself forward.

Adopt a journo

It may surprise you to know that reporters and editors are human too. Developing a good relationship with somebody is the best way to improve your media profile. Email them directly, thank them for publishing an article and give them tip-offs about other news you’ve heard. 

Understand deadlines

If you want to be in a weekly paper there is no point in suggesting your story on the day it prints – or even the day before. Give people plenty of notice and a chance to plan it in.

Go exclusive

If you’re aiming for a particular day or publication and you have a good story to tell, offer it as an exclusive (IE. If you’re interested in this I won’t send it to anyone else until you’ve used it…) or put an embargo on it. This allows the journalist to prepare the news story when you send it, but only publishing it on the date/ time that you specify.

Don’t give up

Newsrooms are chaotic places – emails get forgotten, stories get lost in the system, journalists get moved on to breaking stories. If you haven’t had a reply to your email or you’ve not seen your story appear follow it up. Don’t be afraid to call if necessary.


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