How to make your press coverage last on social media

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Congratulations! Your story has been picked up by your local newspaper, you’ve been featured on the radio and in a special report on the evening news. Now what?

It’s time to utilise your media coverage for some great content across your social channels.

Try a teaser…

Know when your story will be printed in the newspaper? Got a time when your interview will air on TV? Make sure your fans and followers know when and where they can find you by posting a quick update. 

Share your coverage

It might seem strange to take a picture of a story in a newspaper, but it’s an easy way to tell your fans they can expect to see you in the business section that day. Share a link to the full article when it’s online. Often radio shows can be listened to again. Find the link and tell your followers the exact time you appear. 

Notice something missing?

To save space or time, some of the information you included in your press release may not appear in your media coverage. Don’t see it as a waste. Instead, use this to give extra insight into your story through your social media platforms. This adds real value to your social content as fans know they’ll always get the full story by following you.

Get commenting

Has your local media outlet shared your story on their own social platforms? They won’t always tag your business so look out for comments – answer questions, thank people for their feedback and interact as your business page to help build your audience. No comments? Add one. This could be the start of an interesting discussion. 

Share your real experience

Remember to document heading to a studio to film or record. You can’t beat a peek behind the scenes. Film a short video at home to share your story in your own words. Use an app like Clips on an iPhone which automatically generates captions as you speak, ensuring everyone gets your insight with or without the sound.

Do your own follow-up

Perhaps your news was celebrating a new member of staff or achieving a business milestone. A month after your media coverage, consider sharing it again but with an update. Your new member of staff may have helped secure a new client, or you may have generated more business as a result of the coverage. Followers love to hear about your good news and this is all a part of telling your story online.

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