Ska legends Bad Manners promise a special night for Carlisle fans

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Buster Bloodvessel has a message for fans in Carlisle where Bad Manners’ Christmas tour starts next week.

“You’re going to get something quite special. I remember our Carlisle fans are very loyal so I’m pretty certain they are going to enjoy it.”

Last year’s gigs, a festive tradition for the much-loved ska band, didn’t go ahead, of course, something that hasn’t sat well with the instantly recognisable frontman, the one constant in Bad Manners’ long history which saw them become chart favourites in the early Eighties.

“When it happened [last Christmas’ lockdown], I was flabbergasted. It was like having my right arm cut off. The Christmas tour has always been a Bad Manners thing and not to be able to do it seemed like it would never be the case – and then it was.”

Frustration is what Buster – Douglas Trendle to close friends – has sensed from fans during UK festival appearances and a recent trip to Mexico where their show was a test event for the return of live music.

And he’s ready to give them what they’ve been missing. 

“What we did notice was the frustration that we’ve been away so long and that people really want to get out and let their hair down and go crazy. And I suppose we’re lucky enough to be one of those bands that can give that to them. 

“If you think how many times I’ve sung Lip Up Fatty, I should be completely bored of it. But when it starts, the people get excited, I get excited as well. I’m not just saying that, it is a fact. I really do enjoy it, hearing such classics – Special Brew, My Girl Lollipop, Can Can – all still going down really well.”

Bad Manners play The Old Fire Station in Carlisle on Wednesday December 1. Tickets are £21.50, available from

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