What does Intro do?

Services we offer and why you'll find them useful

We do PR

What do people know about your business? Do they get what you are about? Do they trust you to exceed their expectations?

If you’re unsure about the answer to any of those questions you need to invest in some Public Relations support to build your reputation. Sit down with us for for 20 minutes or so and we’ll find some great stories to tell about your business that could easily find a home in the local and national media, papers and magazines or on radio or TV. 

Every successful business should have great stories to tell, but the trick is spotting them and then knowing how to pitch that idea to time-starved journalists who are being bombarded with press releases night and day.  Of course it helps if you have somebody on your side with 25 years of media experience and a long list of contacts to match. So invite Intro round for a cuppa (milk, no sugar since you ask) and we can get to work on promoting your good stories.

Intro gets you PR coverage in Cumbria

We do social media

Social Media

Want to cut through the noise on social media? Successfully engage your fans and followers? Grow an audience of people genuinely interested in your business, brand or event?

At Intro we listen, we measure, we plan, we test and we analyse. And then we show you how to achieve the results you want on social media.

From creating a social media strategy to on-brand community management – whatever challenge you’re facing, the Intro team can help accelerate your progress on your chosen social media platforms.

We’re passionate about producing quality social content that gets your audience hitting the like button. We’ve reached millions with our unique social media campaigns, grown the audience of major brands and we still have time to keep up with the latest algorithm changes.

We do content

At Intro we like to do everything we can to help your business grow and that means exploring every avenue to ensure you’re hitting the widest possible audience. As well as linking up your PR and social media activity we can give you help with email marketing, paid online advertising campaigns and content for your website and in-house publications.

We’ve held a number of training events at Intro’s offices in Carlisle’s historic quarter as well as providing courses for clients at their premises. We’ve covered GDPR, grappled with creating smartphone videos, delivered a series of LinkedIn workshops and taken a tour of local businesses with delegates on our photography course.

So if you need help with anything, just ask. The Intro team of digital specialists and our network of bloggers, digital experts and freelancers will be on hand to help out.

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